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The Eve of Battle

Well folks, we’ve been in this position before. The day before another All Ireland semi final replay, this time we’re not heading for the treaty county, unsurprisingly, but back to the capital. Just a few quick things to mention.

Firstly, fair play to everyone who put up flags and colours over the last few days, the town looks mighty.

Secondly, could anyone who has yet to pick up tickets please do so as early as possible today.

And finally, the very best of luck to Tom tomorrow. To say he had a stormer last Sunday would be the understatement of the year. His cross field run after 70 minutes of the hardest football played this year shows what an athlete he truly is and should serve as a model to all aspiring footballers of what hard work and effort can produce. Your doing your family, town and club proud big man.

Safe journey folks and let’s roar the team home.

Maigh Eo Ab├╣

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