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Travel Itinerary for NYC 2016

The following is the Itinerary for the clubs trip to New York.

Thursday 7th April 2016
05:00am Bus leaving Charlestown
10:50am Flight departs Dublin Airport
13:30pm Flight arrives JFK, New York
14:15pm Bus from JFK to Wellington Hotel

Friday 8th:
No events planned.

Saturday 9th:
10:00am-11:00am Breakfast in Old Castle Bar & Restaurant (160 west 54th street).
12:30pm Bus departing Wellington Hotel for Gaelic Park, the Bronx
14:30pm Game vs Sligo NY GAA
17:30pm Bus departing Gaelic Park returning to Wellington Hotel
19:00pm-21:00pm Dinner in Old Castle Pub
21-00pm-Late, Music and function in Old Castle Pub

No events planned

No events planned

Tuesday 12th of April 2016
12:00pm Check out of hotel
16:00pm Bus departs hotel for JFK Airport
21:00pm Flight departs for Dublin, Ireland
08:40am Arrive Dublin Airport
09:30am Bus departs for Charlestown
12:00pm Arrive Charlestown

As you can see, the majority of the trip is left free for people to do as they wish. We would however encourage all members of the travelling party to attend the events as planned on the Saturday. We also hope to use the function on the Saturday night as a great way to connect with all our family and friends who live in the U.S.A., so please make sure to invite everyone along.

Finally, if you haven’t already checked your passport and registered for the ESTA visa, then please do so now. The visa is valid for 2 years and only costs $14, you can use the link HERE.

If you have any questions or tips please leave them below in the comments or over on the related Facebook post.

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